A Monologue to the Parents that Oppress the Thoughts of Their Children.

As we grew up in a time of grand social and economic change, almost every thought that left our lips were hit with contradicting verbiage.  It is not the fault of our own that the thoughts and ideas that we shared with you were not to the standards of your time as they were different from your own teachings.  As the ideas rolled off our tongues your anti-minded rhetoric coursed through the air as always.

Looking at us as though we had no understanding of the real world, besides MTV’s New York or Los Angeles, you pass your judgement down the line as it had been done to you.  Living through the wake of the largest collection of movements, achievements, and crises seemed to not phase you in the slightest.  Looking at the teachings of your father and holding it as true as the books written by religious men, you still hold true to the belief that you are always correct.  Even after the so called “life experiences” have been gained the oppressive rhetoric and lack of acceptance of our ideals or hypotheses darkens even the brightest days.

Accepting our opinion, as even just that, seems to be unmanageable for you. Certain topics, if brought up, are quickly put to rest and then hidden in the back of the mind where only the dead and hurtful are kept.  As if you are trying to hide from the fact that maybe your ability to rear children is somehow different than that or your parents. Or of us for our children.

You sit back watching your television and bitching about the current system as if there is no ability to change it.  Old habits die hard I guess.  Learning to open your mind and question yourself and your beliefs is one of the teaching that we did not learn from you, but rather that same life experience that you pushed so hard for us to obtain.  Once obtained and shared, you push back or hide from the self reflection that is asked of you in a time of need.  Placing the blame on everything but yourself.  Most of the time we are not asking for you to agree with our opinion, we are asking you to only listen and not disassociate your fictitious world with the real world that we are trying to make better.

As I sit here trying to find a way to end this I realize that I am no better than you as I have given into following the teachings of my fathers.  No judgments shall be passed but the reasons are now alive.


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