The People’s Pot Luck

We attended our first People’s Pot Luck this past weekend.  It was a great chance to meet up with some we knew, as well as gave a great opportunity to meet some new people.  The organizer of the event went to great lengths to invite many different groups throughout the community and there was a vast amount of diversity for sure.  We had people from all walks of life show up from the court recorder to the town anarchist.  With the few ground rules in place, no tabling and no propaganda, the event went off without a hitch.  Three tables of food were set up that included one for fresh organic fruits and vegetables, one for vegan dishes, and the last for all other food items.

The sense of community that showed through as we gathered and broke bread together allowed all other issues to be set aside.  Games were set up in many different areas and there was even a pinata that was hung and thrashed by the children who were there.  The PA system had a wide range of music playing during the main feast but once we were all done eating some of the locals broke out the drums and set out to make the event heard throughout the block.  Even the kids were able to jump in on the bongos.  A couple of team building games were played to lighten the mood and makes everyone comfortable with those that were new.

Although we gathered peacefully and even followed the regulations by reserving the space we were still blessed with the presence of the police HOT team (Homeless Outreach Team).  Always caring and being the watchful eye of our self-regulating community.  All in all, this was a great event and I am looking forward to being able to attend many more.


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