Innocence of a Child

As I was flipping through the videos I had watched on Youtube, looking for PSY for the kids, I came across Rebel Inc.’s video “No Song” and my oldest, who is 6, asked that I hurry and put something on. The first click was “No Song” while I continued to look for the PSY video. As the video played I started jamming out then my daughter said to me, “Daddy, but we do have those.”

“We do have what babe?”

“We have all the things that they are saying no to.”

“No Song” by Rebel Inc.

No war, No song, No government, No peace, No time, No dreams, No rage, No fire, No plant, No key, No door, No friend, No law, No choice, No Justice.

As the conversation started, the “fall to answer” came as an instance reaction telling her that when she is older she will be more apt to understand. As soon as I caught what I was saying I stopped myself and tried to think of a way to explain what it was that they were talking about. How do you go about explaining to a child that the system they have been taught is working to their demise and to enslave them in the future squeezing out all humanity and creativity that they share with everyone given the chance? At what age is it ok to burst the bubble of conformity and try to explain that our system is broken?

I was sharing this story with a coworker who also has a child around the same age and I showed him the video and asked the question about when we should expose our children the truth. His response was not yet.


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