Grand Junction Stands in Solidarity with Bradley Manning and OWS

Today we stand in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and Bradley Manning on the one year anniversary of the start of the revolution.  We gathered on the grounds of city hall and helped to spread the word about the abuse, both civil and ethical, of Bradley Manning and help tell his story.  Although we are not as grand as the metropolitan area that bring in numbers like 20,000, those of us that gathered and held signs were greeted with warm regards by those that passed by.  Even the Police Chief Camper stopped to show his support, and ask us to move out of the parking spots.  But he was sincere in understanding why we were out today.  There were people of all ages from 78 years old to a 3 year old holding signs that ranged from “Google NDAA” to stats that showed how the national budget was broken down and the monies spent on the “war on peace.”  Occupy Grand Junction showed its force in a non-violent way today and made yet another step toward showing people that even in a small city there is change that is able to be seen.

People of all ages stood in solidarity today.

Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW), Occupy Grand Junction, Solidarity not Charity, Women Helping Others Resist Exploitation and Sexism (WHORES),  and 9/11 Truth all stand in solidarity in support of the Constitution of the United states of America and the revolution that is ever growing.